Spear Song

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Ancient Slavic knights in turn-based fight against evil!

Spear Song - turn-based tactics inspired by Slavic folklore with rich and catchy graphics. Take control of a small detachment of various characters, combine them with each other to crush ferocious hordes of evil spirits and their mighty leaders!

- Dive into a fairy tale! Bright stylized graphics inspired by Slavic folk art.
- Lead the squad! Tactical gameplay tied to the manipulation of the position of the characters on the battlefield and the use of the features of the heroes.
- Take care of your warriors! The dead cannot be returned, and if you lose, you will have to go on a new campaign.
- Write your legend! Each new campaign is unique, different heroes, opponents, maps, conditions.
- Upgrade your fighters! Different characters, each with unique skills and great opportunities for gameplay combinations.
- Fight the evil from Slavic fairy tales! Ghouls, werewolves, Zmey Gorynych and others.

The game is the embodiment of the dream of creating a beautiful, and most importantly memorable game

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